Can I mix and match items from more than one Suite at a time?

As interior designers curate every décor Suite, you can shop and customize one Suite at a time. Our Suites are designed to allow customers to layer, and come back for more. So mix and match within one Suite at a time, and buy however many Suites you’d like!

Why is Suitely less expensive than other traditional brick and mortar stores, other e-tailors, or even flash sale sites?

We source beautiful items directly from suppliers globally and pass the savings on to you with our innovative Shop-by-Suite bundling methodology.

How is a Suite curated?

An interior designer curates each Suite by meticulously combining sourced items to create a unique yet coherent décor package at an incredible value.

Who are your interior designers?

In order to give you expertly curated Suites to shop from, we have an in-house design team and also collaborate with guest curators.

Where do I find details about the individual products?

For specific information like materials and specs about a product in one of the Suites, click ‘more info’ under the item you are interested in.

How long are Suites available for on your site?

Décor Suites may change over time as some products sell out and others become available. If you see something you like, we encourage you to buy it before items go out of stock! All items have different stock levels, so a Suite could be intact as-is for a week to a couple months.

What if I purchase a Suite and an item is no longer available?

In the event that an item in a Suite becomes unavailable after the order is placed—but before it is shipped, you will be notified and given alternative options.

Where do you source your pieces from?

We are constantly sourcing new items from artisans and suppliers all over the world.


How do I sign up for new product notifications?

We would love to share our new products with you when they become available. To receive notifications, sign up here.

Will Suites ever be on sale?

We put a lot of care into curating Suites and carefully sourcing items from suppliers to give you the best value all of the time. We occasionally run promotional deals—to get notified, sign up for our newsletter here and you’ll hear about them first!

Can I use more than one promotional code at a time?

Only one promotional code can be used at a time.


How do I contact customer service?

You can contact customer service by e-mailing support@suitely.com  


Will all of the items in my order arrive together?

Because our merchandise is sourced globally, items in your order will generally arrive individually. We will do our best to group items together whenever possible. Please see our shipping policies for more information.

How long does it take for my entire order to arrive?

Most standard orders will arrive within 7-12 business days. However, while we are in our live beta test, some items may take longer. We will keep you posted, and do our best to get things to you as fast as possible!

How do I track shipping on my order?

After your order is placed you will receive a confirmation e-mail with estimated shipping and tracking information. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions on tracking!

What if I really like just one or two items in a décor Suite. Can I purchase them separately—without the whole Suite?

To offer the best possible value, we offer Suites as a bundled group of products. To maintain pricing and value standards, all product is currently sold in this format, rather than in the one-at-a-time format of regular stores and websites. This approach allows us to bring you multiple pieces at the price of just one or two at other stores. That said, check out our Suites at different price points—you can often find smaller Suites carrying many of the same items!

Do I pay for shipping for each item individually?

No, you will only pay one total amount for your whole Suite plus shipping. Please visit our shipping policies for more info.

Can I exchange items in my Suite for items in another Suite?

All Suites are curated carefully and items may not be exchanged between Suites, unless eligible for exchange based our policy.

What if I was sent the wrong item(s)?

Contact us within 15 days of receiving your item. We will provide you instructions for sending back your item for an exchange.

My item arrived damaged, what do I do?

If your order arrives damaged, please email us within 72 hours of receiving the damaged item at support@suitely.com with a photo of the damaged merchandise and a note requesting an exchange. We will send instructions.



What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB

How is my personal information stored? Is my credit card information safe?

Yes, your credit card information is safe. Please see our privacy policies here.

Do you ship outside of the US?

We currently only ship within the US.