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Going Glam: Decor Essentials Suite

Going Glam


Black, White, and Gold never go out of season.

Add pink to the mix for a touch of sheer scarlet femininity. With black and white, you’re safe to mix patterns, textures, and genres. Modern, traditional, vintage, complement each other under this ever so timeless—when done well—glam and classic color scheme. Use gold accents to elevate your black and white core pieces at home—artwork and small accessories are the perfect items for subtly ringing in the bling.

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Going Glam: Decor Essentials Suite


What is a Suite?

A bundle of home accents that complement each other & work together to deliver a cohesive look.

Why Shop by Suite

Because it’s a simple way to unleash your inner creative! Our designers do the heavy curating, and you call the style shots. ALSO, you save $$ because our bundling model lets us pass along volume savings.

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