The Hunt For Product Our designers consider product from American artisans, established global brands, and everything in between, to ensure that you are creating your Suite from a set of product that is beautifully constructed and aesthetically cohesive.

Artisan Spotlight– Terrariums by Green Lemon

Green Lemon Designs started as a mother & daughter team making wreaths at Christmas, but their talents expanded into a business which, today, designs beautiful terrariums and other décor items. Green Lemon’s goal is to always offer the best hand made products.

Photo: Terrarium by Green Lemon.

Where to find it: Suitely’s Globe Trotter style– Bookcase Suite

Artisan Spotlight– Pouf by Jiti Home

Jiti Home offers a broad range of contemporary home accessories in a range of vibrant textile patterns. Pillows, poufs, throws, and ottomans, hand made in Los Angeles, comprise the Jiti brand, a company founded by designer Goga Bouquet, who draws on her love of color, pattern and texture to source the luminous hues and graphic motifs that distinguish the Jiti collection.

Photo: Pouf by Jiti, custom-made for Suitely.

Where to find it: Suitely’s Globe Trotter style– Reading Corner Suite and                                                                    Modern Muse–Reading Corner Suite

Artisan Spotlight– Throw Pillows by xNasozi

Brooklyn-based designer Nasozi Kakembo founded her label xNasozi in 2011, which features minimalist, urban, and bohemian pillows and textile goods. The xNasozi signature style is defined by blending traditional textiles from Africa with a Brooklyn flare. To make each pillow cover, Nasozi sources untreated organic mudcloth from Mali, and then assembles and prints each one with natural and non-toxic pigments  with her team at her workshop in Brooklyn, New York.

Photo: Mudcloth pillows by xNasozi (front and back pillows in photo)

Where to find: Suitely’s Globe Trotter style– Sofa Suite.

Suitely’s Sourcing Philosphy

Our designers leave no stone unturned in the hunt and curation of product as they create a stunning smorgasbord of options. We believe in well-built items, in businesses aware of their footprint, and in craft and trade. Some of our favorite product attributes are:

  • Uniqueness, including limited
    production items
  • Hand made items
  • Natural materials

We shift our purchasing with consumer trends and are constantly looking for the next hit item. Some special pieces we are currently very excited about are:

  • Terrariums for indoor greenery
  • Origami-inspired ceramics that are whimsically elegant
  • Gold feather bottle opener– need we say more?
  • Hand-sewn pillows, made with attention to pleating and intricate detail

smorgasbord /             ’smôrgǝs bôrd/

A delicious buffet of décor options from which you can design a dream Suite to renew your home or work space