Welcome To The Suitely Launch! Welcome Friends & Family!

We’ve been working tirelessly to create what we consider to be a better way of shopping for home decor.

We’re thrilled to have you–the early believers, the curious adventurers, the daring style troopers, and the friends and family we cherish, on this journey with us.


It all started with a simple question:

“How do I, as a gal on a budget, without a clue for DIY, turn my tiny, old, rickety New York City apartment into a Mediterranean villa for under $1,000?”

Suitely’s founder, Marina Glazman, asked herself this while switching jobs, on a budget, and trying to make something of an Upper West Side studio she could barely afford to rent, let alone decorate.
Hiring an interior designer is too expensive– their advice alone is outside many a decor budget. And paying someone thousands of dollars to decorate a few hundred square feet just doesn’t compute.
But shopping art fairs and flea markets is time consuming. Browsing boutiques requires an eye for design and the know-how to layer pieces in interesting ways. Flash sales are frustrating–the thing you want is gone by the time you build the resolve to buy it; that’s if you had the patience to find it in the first place.
And good old department and brand stores are also–well–expensive.
Why isn’t there a way to receive guidance from a designer, shop curated and pre-styled decor fitting a given aesthetic, purchase a full globally-sourced decor set in one place, and do so in a budget-friendly way?
Hence, the birth of Suitely: An online retailer making decor for the home simple to shop for, tailored to your taste, and designed to make a major impact.
We hope you enjoy browsing our beta site as an introduction to the taste level and quality of product we are committed to bringing our savvy customers.
We welcome any feedback on your Suitely.com experience as we run our limited launch this Fall 2016, build a strong community, and build a brand to last.
Thank you for viewing our launch! And please send us feedback if there is anything you’d love to see! contact@suitely.com