Scentscape Mini
i i Match Jar ITEM DETAILS i i Candle Snuffer ITEM DETAILS i i Montana Forest Minimalist Candle ITEM DETAILS i i Fern + Moss Minimalist Candle ITEM DETAILS
Scentscape Mini
Match Jar Match Jar $10.00
Candle Snuffer Candle Snuffer $12.00
Montana Forest Minimalist Candle Montana Forest Minimalist Candle $24.00
Fern + Moss Minimalist Candle Fern + Moss Minimalist Candle $24.00

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We collect items and interior designs from around the world, so you can bring it home.

We believe in craft and trade, and in the beauty found in details. We source from American artisans, established global brands, and everyone in between to curate beautiful spaces that you can bring home in a matter of clicks.


Suite essentials from our stylist

If the whole suites doesn’t fit your space or budget, we’ve selected these key pieces that harmonize together on a smaller scale.

Create the look you love with a few key pieces, even if the whole Suite doesn’t fit your space or budget.

Stylist’s curated essentials to get the look: