Revitalize Your Space. Suite by Suite.

Let us help you transform a whole room, or spruce up the spots that needs some love. We’re here to make a corner, a table top, a sofa, more and more your own. So bit by bit, suite by suite, you can turn your home into your haven.

Why Shop by Suite?

Our designers do the heavy lifting, but you make the call. Suitely offers curated décor suites that bring style to any space, so you create the look you love in minutes.

No measuring, no guessing, and no driving all over town shopping five different stores. Just choose your Style, your Suite, and customize with product swaps for your tailored signature look.

We source product with a meticulous eye for quality, then curate our finds into fixed-price suites.

The Suitely process allows us to share volume savings and streamlined shipping costs with you. So every time you shop by suite, the world around you becomes more beautiful.

Our Beginnings

A couple years ago, our founder set out to transform her tiny, dreary NYC apartment into a Mediterranean oasis on a severely tight budget. She soon realized it was going to be an uphill battle. She was short on time, lacking DIY skills, and without insider shopping tricks. She quickly realized the need for a simple decorating solution offering design guidance, curation, and quality product at affordable prices.

Hence Suitely was conceived as a solution for savvy shoppers. Distinct, curated décor suites that can turn any basic space brilliant. Tech that allows item swapping for customization. An uncompromising quality standard. And, of course, bundle-based pricing to make gorgeous design accessible, as it should be.

suite /swēt/

A bundle of home accents that complement each other, working together to deliver a cohesive look.