Hunker for Suitely Guest Curation

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We’re thrilled to bring you Suitely’s first Guest Curation – a collab between Suitely and Hunker!
Hunker, a taste-making editorial brand based in Los Angeles, believes beautiful design should be an accessible part of everyday life. We’ve joined forces to bring Hunker’s inspired styling to Suitely’s artisan and product lineup. The result? A beautifully styled bath Suite, composed of unique but essential décor finds, to be enjoyed by anyone needing a bath and vanity style refresh.
The Hunker x Suitely bath Suite is live at the Hunker Home in Venice, California, and can be shopped here at
Keep reading for our interview with Hunker’s Creative Director Paul Anderson, who shares tips and inspiration for great design.

Q&A with Paul Anderson, Creative Director at Hunker

Q: What was your design inspiration for the Hunker House? What were you trying to achieve with the spaces?
A: We’d been dreaming of an IRL space to call our own for a while.  We wanted to create a space where the team’s ideas and discussions—on the power of design, innovation, community and hospitality—could come to life. That was the starting point.
Q: What was your biggest challenge in outfitting Hunker House?
A: Scale. Most of the larger furniture pieces we brought into the space we ordered online.  Although we measured, the layout ended up changing because exact scale and feel in space is always a challenge.
Q: What is your favorite piece in the Hunker X Suitely collab?
A: I’m a sucker for a good candle.  Brooklyn Candle Studio nailed it with their Hinoki scent.

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Q: What are you tips for making a small bathroom like this one feel light and airy?
A: Natural light and plants—you can't have too much of either.
Q: How do you go about selecting materials and colors when decorating a room?
A: I always start by thinking about the end-use of a space and lighting—from there, you can add layers and materials with intention. Specifically for the house some of the materials we couldn't change—concrete floors, sheetrock walls, and industrial/loft elements that were basically permanent.  Whatever the mix is, there’s always some kind of harmony in composition that you’re trying to achieve.
Q: Do you have any rituals to recharge and find creative inspiration?
A: I live in LA, so I like to walk the neighborhoods, design stores, museums and flea markets around the city. Pasadena and Long Beach Flea Markets are old staples—both surrounding areas have great smaller antique rows as well. The development that’s been happening over the past 10 years has created design and culture-forward pockets that are rapidly changing, like The Row downtown and Platform. That creative energy is always inspiring.
Photography by Stephen Paul 
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